Mobile App Development for Startups, Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Fresh thinking, expert guidance and quickly scalable tech solutions

You have a customer base but do not have proper applications to scale operations or optimally leverage your staff

With decades of experience in branding, web development, mobile application design and end-to-end project management, we specialize in taking big ideas from ideation to launch

With startup roots ourselves, we are continually inspired by the innovation of entrepreneurs. Our team thrives on new business models and architecting solution for scale. We build elegant, intelligent software that helps you get where you want to go.

End to End Data, Tech and IT Solutions

Our technology team is skilled in web and mobile app development - including Internet of Things (IoT) integration. Small data analytics enable you to make smarter decisions. IT strategy and consulting increases productivity and efficiency.

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Mobile App Development

Feature rich mobile application development in new york city. Learn More
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Web Development

Responsive website redesign that communicates your message on all screens. Learn More
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Internet of Things (IOT)

Interconnecting smart objects, from cars to wearables, enabling them to send and receive data via the internet. Learn More
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Big Data & Analytics

Stunning dashboards that make your data actionable. Learn More
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Application Development

Custom applications that improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profit. Learn More
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IT Strategy & Consulting

360 technology team with best in class IT security and consulting. Learn More

Our process

Our proven agile software development methodology is widely referenced, but rarely adhered to. What does this mean for a small business or startup? It means we will execute your plan in the exact same manner we do as government software vendors.

Agile Methodology offers predictable throughput, from discovery, iteration, beta testing and final launch.

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We research your project, identify challenges and map out the plan.
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Informed by the discovery phase, we wireframe your solution to identify all component parts.
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With approved wireframes, our designers get to work on responsive website redesign.
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Once a redesign and development project is complete, we test hypotheses and iterate therefrom.
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Hubspire Success Stories

Below are several clients who entrusted HubSpire to realize their vision.

Veterans History Project App

The Veteran’s History Project was launched nearly 20 years ago, long before the widespread use of smartphones and digital media. New technology has eliminated barriers to involvement, including printing forms, burning CDs, manual tagging, notation, and shipping. View Case Study

The Room Ring

The Room Ring app for roommates matched verified people in their social network. In 2017, the Room Ring was acquired by Roomi, the largest roommate finder in New York City. View Case Study


LiveDish is a social networking app that lets users follow their friends and influential foodies, review restaurants, post photos, view restaurant details and menus. Backed by trusted reviews, the percentage of monthly app downloads has increased by 50-60% month over month in 2016. View Case Study


Flashtag is a social media app that transforms the way you survey your friends for opinions while shopping, clubbing, going to restaurants or even going to the movies. Simply ask a question, add a picture and send! Friends can react to each picture with a thumbs up or thumbs down vote. Anything, anytime leverage your network and decide! View Case Study

Care Connect

Care Connect is a full CRM application connecting Testing Labs, Health Care Providers and Sales Teams. It supports lead management, report generation, and marketing matrixes under on single platform. View Case Study

Hamptons Rentals

Hamptons Rentals hired us to design and build their mobile real estate app for rentals. A division of Rosehip Partners, Hamptons Rentals app is a local real estate brokerage in the Hamptons. View Case Study

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