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Hubspire is a top-rated mobile app development company in NYC providing innovative and unique end-to-end app solutions for large or small-scale business enterprises, and government agencies. Our relentless pursuit for success has provided us with global renown, awards, and ratings by recognized peers in the industry. Being a top mobile app building company consisting of highly experienced app developers, Hubspire is able to provide clients with an agile workforce and creative methodology to design, strategize, and develop our client’s mobile app requirements with success. Hubspire rides on years of experience developing diverse and award-winning apps for a high-growth industry, and can deliver custom applications that will increase ROI and improve your business’s bottom line.

Hubspire Mobile App Designing Process

As a custom app development firm practising agile development methodology, Hubspire leans heavily towards agile software methodology and scrum practice in developing iOS apps, android apps, enterprise software etc. Our workflow moves with the organized steps, starting with research of details for the proposed mobile app. Hubspire Mobile App Development Company NYC believes in close interaction with our clients in order to shape the best idea possible for app development. This includes extensive and efficient research that delves into the market history and current industry standards, which, as a custom mobile app development company, helps us to make informed decisions with respect to the client’s requirements. Once we have the research phase locked down, we will commence with strategizing your project. Hubspire’s expert developers will be in constant touch with your team to thoroughly understand the details of the app development before moving into the design phase. Hubspire’s in-house mobile app designing team is meticulous about the aesthetics and UI, and thus will dedicate themselves into following the latest market trends as well as developing their own unique designs. Once the app design is locked down, our development team will test for its usability and factor in scalability, multi-tenacity, and craft an optimized code structure. Following this phase is the testing of the mobile app. This in itself contains various stages, which culminates with beta testing that includes an internal check for UX/UI functionality, user experience, security check, performance checks, bug testing etc. Once the app is approved for launch, the completed solution is released and monitored for any errors. Our app development company’s job isn’t over with just the launch of your mobile app. Our dedicated team of developers will be analyzing the app every step of the way and will support your technology with its security fixes, codes, and any updates that the platform may demand.

Why Choose Hubspire as Your App Developing Agency

In the current marketing landscape, flexible and custom mobile apps are an imperative aspect in fueling your business. Employing the right app development firm is essential in creating a unique app, and that’s where Hubspire Mobile App Development Company, NYC, stands out. What do we do, you may ask? What don’t we do should be the right question! Hubspire Mobile App Development Company is New York City’s top-rated award-winning app development consultancy firm. Moreover, amongst the enterprise app development companies in NYC, we have been consistently ranked as the top New York Developer, a title that we retain from the previous year. As a five-star rated app developer on Clutch, we strive towards keeping our performance consistently at the top. As a result, our client base ranges from small business startups to large corporates, and government organizations. With decades of experience and a team of innovative professionals proficient in custom mobile app design and development, Hubspire can bring your ideas to fruition that will match up to the current market trends. At Hubspire, we look to design and develop apps that are unique and inspiring. Aside from being an app development company, Hubspire also provides web development services, end-to-end IT solutions, big data & analytics solutions, cyber risk management etc. Are you in need of an enterprise app development company to develop a unique concept into a tangible product? Hubspire employs an agile software development process that ensures 100% completion rate and generates the desired outcome within a given time and budget. Share your ideas with Hubspire and we will transform them into an app. Send us a Quote Now!

Mobile App Case Studies

Hubspire designs and develops mobile apps for startups, small to medium sized businesses, Fortune 500 companies, universities, public institutions and government agencies.

Veterans History Project App

The Veteran’s History Project was launched nearly 20 years ago, long before widespread internet use and smartphones. These technologies have eliminated many of the barriers to involvement, including printing forms, burning cds, manual tagging and notation, and mailing. View Case Study

The RoomRing

A secondary marketplace for apartment rentals, the Room Ring app matched people with roommates in their social network. The Room Ring was acquired by Roomi, the biggest roommate finder in New York, on June 12, 2017. The website and app have been temporarily removed from the app store following the acquisition. View Case Study


LiveDish is a social networking app that lets users follow their friends and influential foodies, review restaurants, post photos, view menus. Backed by trusted reviews, the percentage of monthly app downloads has increased by 50-60% month over month in 2016. View Case Study


Flashtag is a social media app that transforms the way you survey your friends for opinions while shopping, clubbing, going to restaurants or even going to the movies. Simply ask a question, add a picture and send! Friends can react to each picture with a thumbs up or thumbs down vote. Anything, anytime leverage your network and decide! View Case Study


Care Connect is a full CRM application connecting Testing Labs, Health Care Providers and Sales Team. It supports lead management, generation of reports and tasks, and integrates marketing under a single customizable platform. View Case Study

Hampton Rentals

Hamptons Rentals is a real estate division of Rosehip Partners. Rosehip has brought technical innovation to the Hamptons marketplace with a personalized service only a local firm with deep roots in the community can. View Case Study

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