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The Easiest Ways to Build Your Vocabulary

Rahul Harper
Here are the six best ways to boost your vocabulary within the shortest possible space of time.

Learn With Others

Learning becomes so much easier and fun when done in a group. An excellent group to be a part of is Toastmasters International. You’ll be exposed to the art of public speaking which will go a long way in helping you become more comfortable with the English language.

Find a group of friends who want to learn English. Talk to native English speakers. There are also many Facebook pages for English learners.

Find one and your studying will get much easier.

Use Vocab-Building Apps

There are many good websites and free vocab apps that allow you to learn new words and provide you with detailed explanations for these words. Take timely quizzes to make sure you remember the words that you struggled with. Write them down or bookmark them for future reference.

Play Games

Make learning words fun by turning it into a game. Whenever you open a newspaper, you’ll find games like crossword puzzles. Try solving them daily. I know this won’t take a long time. Sometimes having a real-life memory attached to that word makes it much more memorable.

Use Words in Conversation

Try using the new words you learned during the week as often as you can. Don’t be afraid of whether you pronounced it wrong. This is the true way of learning even if it’s hard. Start now and start growing.


Flashcards are great to remember words you already learned. But to actually learn a new word, you have to see it in a sentence, use it in your daily speech, or in any other way that will give it some context.


Reading is a good way to learn new words, but what you read can also make a huge difference in how much you learn. Choose books that are a bit challenging and start reading them. You can also try special vocabulary books. If you read a book at your level, you may already know all the words. If you read a challenging book, you will need to learn many new words.

What does that mean?

If someone uses a word that you don’t understand, ask them: “What does that word mean?” Many people are very patient and understanding if you tell them that you’re learning English. In fact, many will actually enjoy helping you!

This way you can try everything and learn vocabulary. Enjoy learning. 😀

Written by Rahul Harper for EnglishClub March 2020
Passionate English tutor helping students to master vocabulary and prepare for competitive and study-abroad test prep exams.


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