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The Need

Taglor Inc. wanted to leverage today’s social networking lifestyle and create an app that would allow users to get opinions from their network to make everyday decisions. The idea was to give people a smarter tech option to make decisions based on each other’s tastes and opinions.

Our Strategy

The HubSpire team conducted extensive competitive research to design and then develop a mobile application that would allow a user to ask his ‘followers’ questions and receive responses in real-time.

Our Solution

The user interface we created was very simple: we made it easy for users to follow people and brands, gain followers, and voice their opinions on Flashtag and route it to other social media channels as well. From creating creative Flashtags to getting featured for your unique Flashtag to finding new Flashtags through hashtags to earning points for every vote and share to setting a timespan for suggestions, we injected fun into every tap and click.

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