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The Need

The LiveDish team wanted to create a social network-based restaurant review directory for foodies to find the most talked about restaurant in a location. The basic idea was to give food lovers the advantage of previewing a restaurant before they chose to go there.

Our Strategy

Based on this request, the HubSpire team leveraged the Facebook platform to re-populate a user’s friends within LiveDish’s iOS and Android mobile apps. The availability of a network and platform to share culinary experiences made things easy.

Our Solution

By turning something as simple and picky a topic as food into a subject of review through the power of words, images, and firsthand experiences, the engineers at HubSpire managed to build an interface where friends and influential foodies could mingle with each other easily and share their opinions on the culinary strengths of a kitchen in the city. Driven by judgment and recommendations, the app turned itself into a first-rate food taster.

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